Ameya Agaskar

Ameya Agaskar - Signal Processing Engineer
It's remarkable how often I find myself stuck on a problem and find out that the world's expert in the relevant field is right down the hall.

Ameya develops advanced signal processing algorithms for radio communication systems. He always knew he wanted a technical career, but had trouble deciding whether to be a physicist, a mathematician, a software engineer, or an electrical engineer. At the Laboratory, Ameya can be all four by being involved in the full lifecycle of a technical challenge. At the beginning of a project, he models a new problem mathematically and runs computer simulations to predict performance. Eventually he gets to test hardware, first in the lab, and then in the field, to demonstrate new techniques in a relevant environment. Being part of the entire creative process is what Ameya likes best about working at the Laboratory.

In addition to doing technical work, Ameya took advantage of the Lincoln Scholars program to complete his PhD. He says it was great to be able to further his education while working part time at the Laboratory. He returned to full-time status and is now working on signal processing algorithms for multi-user communication relays on high-altitude balloons.