Lincoln Laboratory Main Complex

MIT Lincoln Laboratory occupies 75 acres (20 acres of which are MIT property) on the eastern perimeter of Hanscom Air Force Base, which is at the nexus of Lexington, Bedford, Lincoln, and Concord. The MIT property and most of the Laboratory’s facilities are within the Lexington town boundaries.

Aerial view of the Lincoln Laboratory complex

The majority of Lincoln Laboratory’s facilities are on federal property. The original set of buildings that the Laboratory moved into in the early 1950s is still in use. In the early 1990s, the Laboratory, which had expanded into nearby rental properties, undertook a construction project to consolidate its facilities. This resulted in the ~500,000 sq ft South Laboratory and an adjacent parking garage.

The Laboratory also utilizes 20 acres of MIT property contiguous with the Hanscom Air Force Base. Over the years, government sponsors have established various projects and test facilities on this property. In recent years, the Laboratory has updated and increased the utilization of this property, primarily for project use. Also, in the late 1990s, a Health and Wellness Center was opened in one of the renovated buildings. This facility is operated by the MIT Medical Department and the MIT Athletic Department.

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