Brian F. Aull

Brian F. Aull-Technical Staff

Dr. Brian F. Aull is a technical staff member in the Advanced Imager Technology Group, pursuing research in photon-counting imaging devices for lidar, wavefront sensing, and low-light passive imaging.

Aull led the development of Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode (GMAPD) arrays hybridized to all-digital CMOS timing circuitry. Each pixel detects and time stamps single photons. These imagers were used by the Laboratory to demonstrate lidar imaging systems based on measurement of photon flight time. He led the successful demonstration of a photon time-stamping imager based on Lincoln Laboratory's three-dimensional integrated circuit fabrication process. This was the world's first three-tier, three-dimensionally integrated circuit. Later, Aull extended the GMAPD technology to adaptive optics applications. He led the development of Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensing arrays based on GMAPD quad cells. More recently, he has developed large-format GMAPD arrays for passive imaging.

Aull has authored or coauthored numerous paper and conference presentations on photon-sensitive imaging devices and on spatial light modulators and optical switches based on multiple quantum well structures. He is also an active and passionate educator, teaching courses on electronics and device physics at Tufts University and a number of internal technical education courses at the Laboratory.

Aull received a BS degree in electrical engineering from Purdue University and SM and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from MIT. As a graduate student, he conducted research on the growth and spectroscopic characterization of solid-state laser materials.