College Recruitment Calendar

Colleges Information Sessions Interviews Career Fairs Dates
Boston University     BU College of Engineering Fall 2016 Career Fair 10/5/16
Brigham Young University     STEM Career Fair 9/29/16
California Institute of Technology     Fall Career Fair 10/18/16
Carnegie Mellon University     2016 Technical Opportunities Conference 9/20/16
Clemson University     Fall Career Fair, Engineering Computing and Aciences Fair 9/20/16
Cornell University     Career Fair Day One: Architecture, Design, Engineering, Technology, Science Employers 8/30/16
Georgia Institute of Technology     2016 Georgia Tech Fall Career Fair (All Majors) 9/13/16
Massachusetts Institute of Technology     2016 MIT Career Fair 9/23/16
Michigan State University     Career Gallery 2016: Science, Engineering & Technology Exchange 9/28/16
Michigan Technological University     Mich Tech Fall Career Fair 2016 9/27/16
North Carolina State University     Engineering Career Fair 2016 9/27/16
Northeastern University     Fall 2016 Career Fair 10/6/16
Pennsylvania State University     Fall Career Days 2016, Technical Full time 9/15/16
Princeton University     Science and Technology Job Fair 10/14/16
Purdue University     Industrial Roundtable 9/14/16
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute     38th Annual NSBE/SHPE Career Fair 9/30/16
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology     Fall Career Fair 9/28/16
Stanford University     Fall 2016 Career Fair 10/4/16
Stevens Institute of Technology     Class of 2017 Career Day 9/28/16
The Ohio State University     Engineering Career Expo 2016 9/21/16
The University of Texas at Austin     Annual Engineering Expo 9/7/16
Tufts University     2016 Tufts Career Fair 9/30/16
University of Colorado     2016 Fall Career Fair - Day 1 Technology focus 10/4/16
University of Illinois     Fall Engineering Employment Expo 10/19/16
University of Maryland     Computer Science Internship and Career Fair - Fall 2016 9/20/16
University of Maryland     Fall Career & Internship Fair 2016 9/21/16
University of Massachusetts/Amherst     Engineering and Technology Career Fair 9/27/16
University of Michigan     SWE/TBP Career Fair 9/20/16
University of Pennsylvania     Engineering Career Day 9/15/16
University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez     UPRM Campus Annual Job Fair 9/30/16
University of Wisconsin/Madison     2016 Fall Career Connection 9/21/16
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University     Engineering Expo 9/13/16
Wentworth Institute of Technology     Wentworth Career Fair 9/20/16
Worcester Polytechnic Institute     Fall Career Fair 9/21/16
Organization Conference Dates
Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers SASE National Conference and Career Fair 10/13/16


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