Lincoln Laboratory New Employees Network (LLNEN)

Photo of LLNEN members outside Lincoln LaboratoryThe Lincoln Laboratory New Employees Network (LLNEN) was chartered to help new employees transition from their previous environments to MIT Lincoln Laboratory. The goals are to provide a social network for new employees and to improve the quality of life inside and outside work.

Membership in LLNEN is open to all Lincoln Laboratory employees; however, the focus is on new hires.

LLNEN addresses the many challenges faced by new employees and focuses on the following functions:

  • Social networking through on- and off-site functions, events, trips, and gatherings
  • Professional development through on- and off-site tours, community involvement, peer presentations, and informational sessions with staff and managers
  • A wiki, available on the Laboratory's internal website, that assists new hires in their transition to the Laboratory and to the local area

LLNEN Committee
Committee members from all divisions, including a chair, assistant chair, treasurer, and secretary, are appointed by the Director’s Office with input from LLNEN through nominations. The LLNEN chair will be an existing member of the Professional and Community Enhancement (PACE) Committee or a member of the PACE new-hire subcommittee.

Photo of LLNEN committee  


The Recent College Grads is a subgroup of LLNEN, focusing on the special concerns of new hires who have just graduated from college. The group provides insight and resources on topics such as managing one's first 401k account and choosing insurance options.

The objectives of the wiki are

  • To familiarize new employees with Lincoln Laboratory's resources, policies, and facilities
  • To direct new employees to Lincoln Laboratory's training courses and educational resources
  • To offer information and guidance on housing, neighborhoods, transportation, and local businesses and services
  • To maintain a calendar that has events coordinated by LLNEN and its members
  • To encourage staff to be more involved in community service by presenting information on current and future outreach programs

LLNEN also hosts a monthly luncheon at the Laboratory cafeteria for recent hires. It provides a chance to meet other new employees and learn more about the social and professional networking opportunities available at the Laboratory. It is an informal "meet and greet" to help make friends and establish connections.

Please contact the LLNEN welcome committee for more information on activities.


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