Leadership Development Program for Contracting

The MIT Lincoln Laboratory Leadership Development Program for Contracting utilizes contracting academic and development assignments to prepare participants to support Laboratory research programs. The program provides a 3–4 year training process to develop a career path from an entry-level program participant to a subcontract administration staff role.

Candidates for Leadership Development Program confer with department head

Progress through a series of structured assignments and academic activities will culminate in full proficiency in government procurement and contracting. As you meet the program requirements, you will receive performance reviews and scheduled salary increases throughout the formal Program period.

As a program participant, you will receive

  • formal mentoring
  • development assignments
  • structured coursework
  • rotational assignments in key Laboratory organizations
    • Contracting Services Department
    • Finance Department
    • Technical Divisions

Candidate Requirements
This opportunity is available to highly motivated candidates with an interest in pursuing a career field with excellent long-term potential. Ideal candidates will be those seeking a career change or an opportunity to more fully use their education. Other qualifications include:

  • BS, MS, or BMA in Business
  • excellent computer skills
  • good communication skills

Training Requirements
Each assignment will provide a challenging developmental opportunity within the context of a short-term work assignment.

Attainment of a university-level certificate in Government Procurement and Contracts Management is a requirement to progress from entry level to the advanced level of contract management. Training courses are university-sponsored online courses. Tuition reimbursement for these courses is provided by Lincoln Laboratory. Please see course titles that represent the Program's requirements.

Interested candidates may apply through the Employment Opportunities page.

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