Cyber Systems and Technology

The Cyber Systems and Technology Group is engaged in a wide range of cyber-security related projects for the US government.  We aim to be the go-to organization for cyber protection of US missions and systems, and we've made significant progress towards that vision.

We're organized into three major pillars of Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E). 

In our first pillar, we focus on cyber reasoning and response technologies, performing risk assessment and decision support tasks.  We use modeling, simulation, machine learning and game theory to support these tasks, and produce metrics, courses of action, moving target strategies, and exercises for our sponsors.

In the next secure tactical and embedded platforms pillar, we build open architectures, secure systems and data, and resilient endpoints that can serve as roots of trust.  We use the tools of tamper-resistant systems, cryptography, key management and simulation to build secure hardware, libraries and anti-tamper systems.

In our last cyber security infrastructure pillar, we establish provably secure links between islands of trusted systems.  We use tools of authorization, access control, information flow, cryptography and formal methods to build secure clouds, new cryptographic protocols, data provenance libraries and security proofs.

During the last few years we've had tremendous successes—our key management library won an R&D 100 award and the stand-alone crypto processor implementation won a Lab Best Invention award.  Our metrics are influencing the new FISMA guidelines, which will ultimately help the nation better protect its computing infrastructure.  We've also developed protection systems addressing a wide range of government needs, ranging from power-constrained embedded systems to enterprise multi-level security systems.

Leadership for Cyber Systems and Technology

Dr. Robert CunninghamDr. Robert Cunningham Bill StreileinDr. William Streilein Dr. Michael VaiDr. Michael Vai
Kevin CarterDr. Kevin Carter


To apply for a position, visit Employment Opportunities and select 05-58 Cyber Systems and Technology in the Group drop-down box. Students are encouraged to apply for intern positions as well.


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