HPEC Presentation/Poster Format Guidelines

Workshop dates: 22–23 September 2009
Banquet date: 22 September 2009
Abstracts submission deadline: 21 May 2009, Extended to 28 May 2009
Notification of acceptance: 26 June 2009
Copyright Release form due: 21 August 2009
Disclosure Authorization form due: 21 August 2009
Foreign Visit Authorization form due: 7 August 2009
Registration and Banquet forms due:
($260 Workshop only; $310 Workshop and Banquet)
3 September 2009

All presentations will be videotaped for MIT Lincoln Laboratory archival purposes only. If you do not want your presentation to be videotaped, please email the HPEC Workshop Office at hpec@ll.mit.edu by 21 August 2009.

The workshop sponsors and participants appreciate clear and legible presentations. In addition, the presentations themselves will constitute the published proceedings. Therefore presenters are required to submit charts of the highest quality. Toward the goal of consistent quality and legibility, we ask that presenters adhere to the following guidelines when preparing their presentations and posters.

ALL materials that are presented in the US ONLY Session are required to be properly marked.



Recommend setting regular text using a bold 20-point font. A bold sans serif font such as Helvetica is preferred for its readability in a large auditorium. Other sized fonts may be used as necessary, such as bold 28-point for titles, bold 18-point for sub-points, etc. Do not use a font size 12-point or smaller. Always use bold fonts.


The display area measurements for your electronic presentation/poster précis are 7.5' tall by 9.5' wide. Orient the viewgraphs horizontally (i.e., in landscape mode).

HPEC Sample Slide

Download PPT version


Total available poster board area: 3' 4" tall by 6' wide. Poster(s) must be oriented horizontally (landscape) for the best utilization of the available poster board area. A title banner will be provided by Lincoln Laboratory. The title banner includes the poster title, name(s) of the author(s), and the author affiliation(s).

Poster Diagram

MIT Lincoln Laboratory will provide pins and velcro to facilitate mounting the poster(s) on the felt-covered poster boards as well as a 3' by 5' skirted table in front of your poster board area. If your poster requires additional visual aids/resources, please email a detailed description of your poster set-up to hpec@ll.mit.edu.


Ensure that all images such as photographs, artwork, graphs etc., can be printed legibly. High contrast images are preferred. Ensure that all text appearing in the image is large and legible.


Electronic presentations will be displayed on a large screen behind the speaker by a professional projectionist. Speakers are provided with a podium, microphone, and laser pointer.

To assist the projectionist, electronic presentations / poster precis should be in Microsoft PowerPoint.