HPEC 2001 Call For Presentations

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Future Program Office Needs for Embedded Computing Technologies Advanced Digital Front-End Processors Middleware Libraries and Application Programming Interfaces
Embedded Computing for Global Sensors and Information Dominance Networked Embedded Systems Performance Modeling and Simulation for Benchmarking Embedded Systems
Case Study Examples of High Performance Embedded Computing Reconfigurable Computing for Embedded Systems Fault-Tolerant Hardware/Software Techniques
Algorithm Mapping to High Performance Architectures Software Architectures, Reusability, Scalability, and Standards Automated Tools for Parallel System Development
High-Speed Interconnect Technologies


The focus of this Workshop is on high performance embedded computing technologies. The HPEC Workshop will give U.S. government funded researchers from academia, industry, and government, working on this important area, an opportunity to discuss techniques, approaches, and ongoing developments with relevance to real-time embedded military signal processors. During this fifth year, the HPEC 2001 Workshop will have as its theme the role of embedded computing in network-centric environments.  The technical committee seeks new presentations which clearly describe the advances in high performance embedded computing technologies emphasizing one or more of the topics outlined under the Technical Program. All submittals will be competitively reviewed and judged on their technical quality, novelty, and relevance to the technical program.  The Workshop will be UNCLASSIFIED.

A two-page abstract should be submitted (preferably by email or web page). Each speaker will be allotted 30 minutes. Due to the potentially large number of submissions, the program committee reserves the right to organize some presentations in a poster format. Because the presentations themselves will constitute the published proceedings, speakers are requested to prepare charts of the highest quality and submit an electronic version of the presentation. Electronic copies of the charts presented at the Workshop will be assembled into the Workshop Proceedings CD-ROM.

You may download an Acrobat version of the Call for Presentations by clicking here.

Authors are encouraged to submit abstracts for presentations via WWW or to:  

Authors' Schedule

Ms. Jane Daneu
Attn: HPEC 2001
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
244 Wood Street, Room C-385
Lexington, MA  02420-9108

phone: (781) 981-4842
fax: (781) 981-2517
email: hpec@ll.mit.edu

Please include author name(s), affiliation(s), mailing address, phone number, fax number, and email address with abstract.

Due date for submission of two-page abstracts (preferably via e-mail or web page)
1 June

Notification of acceptance
16 July

Authorization to publish abstracts
3 September 2001

Authorization to publish charts in the proceedings
17 September

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