HPEC Presentation/Poster Format Guidelines

The workshop sponsors and participants appreciate clear and legible presentations. In addition the presentations themselves will constitute the published proceedings. Therefore presenters are required to submit charts of the highest quality. Toward the goal of consistent quality and legibility, we ask that presenters adhere to the following guidelines when preparing their viewgraphs and posters.



Set regular text using a bold 18-point font. A bold sans serif font such as Helvetica is preferred for its readability in a large auditorium.

Other sized fonts may be used as necessary, such as bold 24-point for titles, bold 16-point for sub-points, etc. However, do not use a font size smaller than 14-point, and always use bold fonts.


Visually center all viewgraphs within a 9" by 7" area, with at least a 1/4 inch margin inside the frame.

Orient the viewgraphs horizontally (landscape).

Limit your viewgraphs to 10 lines of text. Wider comprehension is aided by succinct visuals.


Total poster area: 3' tall by 8' wide. This space will be arranged as two 3' x 4' felt-covered boards placed side by side.

Total available area: 2' 6" tall by 8' wide. The top six inches of the poster area will be consumed by the title banner. Lincoln Laboratory will be providing a title banner with the poster title, name(s) of the author(s), and the author affiliation(s).

Recommended poster panel size: 11" tall by 15" wide. Authors should enlarge 8.5" x 11" panels by 30% to arrive at the final 11" x 15" panels. The poster panels must be oriented horizontally (landscape).

A single 3' x 4' board fits 8 - 8 ½" x 11" poster panels or 6 - 11" x 15" poster panels.

Mounting poster panels on poster boards: Lincoln Laboratory will provide pins to facilitate mounting the poster panels on the felt-covered poster boards.


Graphs and Tables

Use 2-point rules for curves. Do not use line widths smaller than 1-point anywhere on graphs or tables.

The same rules for fonts above applies to text within all graphs and tables. It is recommended that axis labels and table headings be set with at least a 16-point font.


Ensure that all images such as photographs, artwork, etc., can be photocopied legibly. High contrast images are more easily reproduced.

Ensure that all text appearing in the image is large and legible.


Viewgraphs will be displayed on a large screen behind the speaker by a professional projectionist. Speakers are provided with a podium, microphone, laser pointer, and a queuing button for the projectionist.

To assist the projectionist, electronic presentations should be in Microsoft Power Point. If you will be using hard-copy format, all viewgraphs should be placed within frames and clearly number the frames.

Note: For more information on preparing an abstract for submission, please refer to the Abstract Preparation Guide (pdf format).