Eliahu H. Niewood - Biography

Dr. Eliahu H. Niewood is currently serving as a technical advisor at the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office.  Prior to holding this position, he led the Engineering Division at Lincoln Laboratory from 2009 to 2015. From June 2008 to July 2009, he served as assistant head of the Engineering Division, and he earlier served as leader of the Systems and Analysis Group in the Homeland Protection and Tactical Systems Division.

Dr. Niewood joined Lincoln Laboratory in 1993. As a technical staff member, he was involved in understanding the performance of infrared systems, radar systems, and precision guided munitions.

In 2000, he was promoted to assistant leader of the Systems and Analysis Group. At that time, he also became the program manager for the Directed Energy Countermeasure Assessment Team, a program to evaluate the utility of countermeasures to directed energy weapons, particularly the Airborne Laser. In 2004, Dr. Niewood was promoted to leader of the Tactical Defense Systems Group. In this position, he led all of the field and flight testing for the Air Vehicle Survivability Evaluation (AVSE) program, as well as a number of other efforts in which the group was involved.

As program manager for the AVSE program from July 2005 to June 2008, Dr. Niewood oversaw the program's extensive interactions with Air Force and Departmetn of Defense senior leadership and worked closely with Air Force sponsors to enhance the management of the program. He was responsible for all of the systems analysis, testing, and prototype threat development work performed as part of the AVSE.

In 2002, he served as a member of the Defense Science Board Task Force on unexploded ordnance. He also served as a member of Lincoln Laboratory's New Technology Initiatives Board and on two studies of Naval Surface Fire Support for the U.S. Navy.

Dr. Niewood holds an SB degree (1987), an SM degree (1989), and an ScD degree (1993), all in aeronautics and astronautics, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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