Roger W. Sudbury - Biography

Roger W. Sudbury served as the Executive Officer of MIT Lincoln Laboratory from 2002 until his official retirement in 2005. He then served as a special consultant on the Director’s staff until his death in 2010. During his career at Lincoln Laboratory, he led the development of high-frequency solid-state components for active-element phased-array radars; this work involved the design, development, and fabrication of devices and circuits for microwave transmit/receive modules. While leading the development of GaAs monolithic circuits at the Laboratory, he served as advisor to the government on GaAs multichip transceiver module development. He was Associate Manager of Lincoln Laboratory's Kiernan Reentry Measurements Site in the Marshall Islands, Kwajalein Atoll, where he was involved in the operation and management of radar and optical data collection experiments. He was also involved in the fielding and operation of Cobra Eye, an airborne infrared data-collection platform.

Mr. Sudbury served for many years on the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) Technical Program Committee and three IMS Steering Committees, and was instrumental in the establishment of the Microwave- and Millimeter-Wave Monolithic Circuits Symposium. For the 1991 IMS in Boston, he edited a reissue of Five Years at the Radiation Laboratory. He served on the Microwave Theory and Techniques (MTT) Society AdCom and as MTT Society President in 2000. He also served on the Steering Committee of the IEEE International Symposium on Phased-Array Systems and Technology.

A Fellow of the IEEE, Mr. Sudbury served the Institute in many capacities. He was a member of the IEEE Technical Activities Board and its Strategic Planning and Review Committee. He chaired the Conference Publications Committee, was Technical Activities Board liaison to the Regional Activities Board, and was the vice chair of the IEEE Membership Development Committee. He served as chair of the Continuing Professional Education Committee and on the IEEE Educational Activities Board. A Past President of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, he was the MTT Awards Committee Chair and a member of the IEEE Awards Board Presentation and Publicity Committee. He also served on the Steering Committee of the IEEE International Microwave Symposium and its Technical Program Committee and on the IEEE Board. In 2010, Mr. Sudbury was the recipient of the MTT Society's Distinguished Service Award "for outstanding and dedicated service to the society."

Mr. Sudbury was a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, and Phi Eta Sigma honor societies. He received a BEE with highest honors from the Georgia Institute of Technology and the SM and Engineer (EE) degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While an instructor in the MIT Electrical Engineering Department, he was presented with a TV Management Shares Teaching Award. From 1964 to 1966, he served in the U.S. Army attaining the rank of Captain. 



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