Jordan LeNoach

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The Lab is a great place to continue learning. In any given week, you can find seminars on topics that different groups are exploring, and the Lab offers great in-house courses.

Jordan creates simulations that help him and colleagues analyze a wide range of problems related to satellite communication systems. His work can range from basic tasks, such as determining where on the earth a particular satellite constellation provides coverage, to more complex tasks, such as optimizing an error-correction code through the use of the Laboratory's supercomputer.

He gravitated toward circuits and signal processing in coursework while earning bachelor's and master's degrees in electrical engineering at Stanford. Two summer internships in the Advanced SATCOM Systems and Operations Group led to his joining the group after graduation. Project-based courses in radio communications, digital electronics, and cubesatellites made this group a natural fit.

During his five years at the Laboratory, Jordan has authored several papers presented at MILCOM, an annual international conference on military communications, and supported a number of different programs within his group. He says this variety of experiences keeps the work challenging and interesting. "In one day, I could support hardware testing for a modem, write a simulation to study design trade-offs for a new satellite constellation, and investigate an experimental concept for a conference publication."