Will Bergerson

Will Bergerson - Research Scientist
I find the work here significantly motivational as it is attempting to address the V's of big data — volume, variety, and velocity.

Will helps people effectively use computers to analyze complex data. As a researcher in human-machine interaction, he develops interfaces that present data graphically in ways that are intuitive and logical to users, making it easier for analysts to interpret data that comes from multiple sensors, such as RF systems and ladar imagers, and in multiple formats, such as radar returns, 3D imagery, or video. He says his background puts him in a niche that is well suited to this field. He gained insight into how humans absorb information through his undergraduate studies in biology, and he advanced his understanding of how machines parse data while doing doctoral research in computational chemistry. Another niche that Will appreciates is the Laboratory's position between government and industry. While Laboratory staff can collaborate with industry on innovative products, the ultimate goal for researchers like Will is to give the government data-driven, unbiased advice about new technology. "I like helping our sponsors make objective decisions about what technologies could improve their programs," he says.