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Keynote Address
D. Etter / Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Science and Technology
Session I:  Space-Time Adaptive Processing & Adaptive Beamforming
Bistatic STAP for Airborne Radar
S. Kogon / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
M. Zatman / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Parametric Clutter Rejection for Space-Time Adaptive Processing
L. Swindlehurst / Brigham Young University
P. Parker / Brigham Young University
Multistage Adaptation for Large Digital Arrays
D. Rabideau / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Adaptive Beampattern Control Using Quadratic Constraints for Circular Array STAP
K. Bell / George Mason University
H. Van Trees / George Mason University
L. Griffiths / George Mason University
T. Li / University of Virginia
N. Sidiropoulos / University of Minnesota
G. Giannakis / University of Minnesota
Adaptive Processing of Element-Digitised Airborne Intercept Phased Array Radar
J. Mather / DERA
H. Rees / DERA
M. Cook / BAES-MRC
J. Wood / BAES-MRC
Poster Précis
Space-Time Adaptive Detection of Distributed Targets in Homogeneous Environment
E. Conte / University of Naples
A. DeMaio / University of Naples
G. Ricci / University of Naples
Evaluation of Reduced-Rank Adaptive Matched Field Processing for Shallow-Water Target Detection
N. Lee / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
L. Zurk / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
J. Ward / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Maximum Likelihood Beamspace Processing for Improved Search and Track
R. Davis / The MITRE Corporation
R. Fante / The MITRE Corporation
W. Crosby / The MITRE Corporation
R. Balla/ US Army Space and Missile Defense Command
Direction Finding for Tracking Radar Using a Simplified, Subspace Based Approach
S. Hayward / DERA
A. Green / DERA
Radar Imaging Using a Wideband Adaptive Array
M. Curry / University of Washington
Y. Kuga / University of Washington
Novel Impact Echo Imaging Techniques Using Multiresolution Enhancements in Temporal and Spatial Domains
A. Al-Fahoum / University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
A. Reza / University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Session II: Detection and Estimation 
Adaptive Beamformer Orthogonal Rejection Test (ABORT)
N. Pulsone / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
C. Rader / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Cramér-Rao Bounds: The Adaptive Array Story
C. Richmond / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Simultaneous DOA Estimation of Fully Correlated and Uncorrelated Gaussian Sources in Nonuniform Linear Antenna Arrays
Y. Abramovich / CSSIP
N. Spencer / CSSIP
Session III:  Advanced Techniques 
Array Calibration for Circular-Array STAP using Clutter Scattering and Projection Matrix Fitting
D. Fuhrmann / Washington University
D. Rieken / Washington University
Theory and Application of Adaptive Transmission Radar
J. Guerci / DARPA/SPO
S. Pillai / Polytechnic University
Distributed Processing for 3-D Localization Using Acoustic Vector Sensors on the Seabed or Battlefield
M. Hawkes / The University of Illinois at Chicago
A. Nehorai / University of Illinois at Chicago
Session IV:  Sonar 
Space-Time Matched-Field Depth Estimation for Active Sonar
J. Krolik / Duke University
G. Hickman / Duke University
Multi-rate Adaptive Nulling of Moving Interferers
H. Cox / ORINCON Corporation

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