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Keynote Address
D. Tufts / University of Rhode Island
Session I:  Adaptive Beamforming
R. Fante / MITRE
Adaptive Beamforming for Submarine-Satellite Communications with the (MBCA) Multielement Buoyant Cable Array Antenna
B. Carlson / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
RFI and Mainlobe Jamming Mitigation for Multichannel Imaging Radars
P. Bidigare / Veridian Systems
Performance Analysis of the Derivative Based Updating Method
M. Zatman / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Poster Précis
E. Baranoski / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Further Evaluations of STAP Tests in Compound-Gaussian Radar Clutter
J. Michels / AFRL / SNRT
M. Rangaswamy / ARCON Corporation
B. Himed / AFRL/ SNRT 
Impulsive Noise Mitigation in Spatial and Temporal Domains for Surface-Wave Over-the-Horizon Radar
Y. Abramovich / CSSIP
P. Turcaj / CSSIP
Investigation of Methods for Mitigation of Tow Ship Noise for Volumetric Towed Arrays
H. Freese / SAIC
J. Ianiello / SAIC
Subband Energy Detection Methods in Passive Array Processing
M. Bono / Applied Research Laboratories (ARL:UT)
R. Bethel / MITRE
P. McCarty / Applied Research Laboratories (ARL:UT)
Case of a Short Data Record for Both Training and Signal Detection
B. Freburger / NAAWCAD
D. Tufts / University of Rhode Island
Session II:  Detection and Estimation
K. Bell / George Mason University
Adaptive Detection in Compound-Gaussian Noise via Recursive Estimation of the Covariance Matrix
E. Conte / Universita degli studi di Napoli "Federico II"
A. De Maio / Universita degli studi di Napoli "Federico II"
Optimized Target Detection and Identification Using Full-Polarization Radar Waveforms
D. Garren / SAIC
M. Osborn / SAIC
A. Odom / SAIC
J. Goldstein / SAIC
S. Pillai / Polytechnic University
J. Guerci / DARPA
Constrained Maximum Likelihood Covariance Estimation for Time-Varying Sensor Arrays
D. Rieken / Washington University
D. Fuhrmann / Washington University
Resolution of Mainlobe and Sidelobe Detections Using Model Order Determination
A. Jaffer / Raytheon Electronic Systems
J. Chen / Raytheon Electronic Systems
T. Miller / Raytheon Electronic Systems
Session III: Space Time Adaptive Processing (STAP)
J. Ward / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Space-Time Adaptive FIR Filtering with Staggered PRI
R. Klemm / FGAN-FHR
Parametric Filters for Non-Stationary Interference Mitigation in Airborne Radars
P. Parker / Brigham Young University
A. Swindlehurst / Brigham Young University
Simulation and Analysis of Adaptive Interference Suppressions of Bistatic Surveillance Radars
C. Pearson / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
G. Borsari / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Interference Estimation and Mitigation for STAP Using the Two-Dimensional Wold Decomposition Parametric Model
J. Francos / Ben-Gurion University
W. Fu / Ben-Gurion University
A. Nehorai / University of Illinois at Chicago
Session IV:  Image Processing Techniques
H. Burke / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The Relationship Between Detection Algorithms for Hyperspectral and Radar Applications
N. Keshava / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
S. Kogon / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
D. Manolakis / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Linear Feature Detection in SAR Images
P. Courmontagne / ISEM / L2MP CNRS
Session V:  Sonar
J. Krolik / Duke University
Space-Time Adaptive Matched-Field Processing (STAMP)
Y. Lee / SAIC
Passive Differential Matched-Field Depth Estimation of Moving Acoustic Sources
J. Krolik / Duke University
R. Anderson / Duke University
S. Kraut / Duke University
S. Vasudevan / Duke University
Covariance Matrix Filtering for Adaptive Beamforming with Moving Interference
B. Newhall / Johns Hopkins University / APL
Broadband Adaptive Beamforming:  Motion Mitigation in the Littoral Environment by Frequency Averaging
R. Greene / SAIC
Beamspace Adaptive Beamforming for Hydrodynamic Towed Array Self-Noise Cancellation
V. Premus / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
S. Kogon / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
J. Ward / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Adaptive Range-Focused Beamforming in Passive Sonar for the Detection of Near-Field Sources
S. Kogon / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Bistatic STAP Data Collection with a Space Based Illuminator
M. Davis / AFRL
B. Himed / AFRL / SNRT
UHF MultiChannel Airborne Radar Data Collection
R. Craig / Northrop Grumman Corporation
J. Arnts / Northrop Grumman Corporation
Unphysical Violation of Reciprocity Detection and Mitigation
D. Bliss / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The Detection and Mitigation of Low Cost Low Complexity (LCLC) Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) Devices
R. Sharma / Veridian ERIM International

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