ASAP 2003 Agenda


0815  Check-In & Continental Breakfast
0900 Welcome and Opening Remarks
J. Ward / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Session I: STAP and ABF
J. Ward / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
0925 Space-Time Adaptive Processing Using Sparse Arrays
M. Zatman / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
0955 Space-Time Beamforming with Knowledge-Aided Constraints
J. Bergin / Information Systems Labs, Inc.
J. Guerci / DARPA/SPO
P. Techau / Information Systems Labs, Inc.
C. Teixeira / Information Systems Labs, Inc.
1025 Break
1055 Registration-Based Solutions to the Range-Dependence Problem in Radar STAP
F. Lapierre / University of Liege
J. Verly / University of Liege
1125 Robust ABF for Large Passive Sonar Arrays
N. Owsley / Office of Naval Research 
J. Tague / Office of Naval Research
1155 Poster Précis
J. Ward / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
A Space-Time Enhanced MUSIC Algorithm for HF Radar
J. Wang / University of Victoria
R. Kirlin / University of Victoria

Orthogonal Space-Time Coding for Self-Interference Suppression in Multi-Antenna Telemetry Transmission
M. Jensen / Brigham Young University
A. Anderson / Brigham Young University
R. Crummett / Brigham Young University

Performance Bounds for Adaptive Coherence of Sparse Array Radar
A. Fletcher / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
R. Robey / MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Numerical Sensitivity of Weight Vector Computation Methods in Array Signal Processing
A. Bojanczyk / Cornell University

Model Based Array Element Localization for Single and Multiline Towed Arrays
J. Ianniello / SAIC
R. Evans / SAIC
B. Sperry / SAIC

1215 Lunch
1315 Robust Capon Beamforming in the Presence of Coherent Interference
Y. Jiang / University of Florida
J. Li / University of Florida
P. Stoica / Uppsala University
Z. Wang / University of Florida
1345 Algebraic Equivalence of the Multistage Wiener Filter and the Conjugate Gradient Wiener Filter
L. Scharf / Colorado State University
E. Chong / Colorado State University
J. Goldstein / SAIC
L. McWhorter / Mission Research Corp.
M. Zoltowski / Purdue University
1415 Break
1445 Session II: Communications/GPS
V. Tarokh / Harvard University
1500 Complementary Beamforming
V. Tarokh / Harvard University
1530 Robust MIMO Wireless Communication in the Presence of Interference Using Ad Hoc Antenna Arrays
D. Bliss / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
A. Chan / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
1600 MIMO Capacity of Radar as a Communication Channel
P. Bidigare / Veridian Ann Arbor R & D Center
1630 Space-Time Codes for an Invariant Detector of Frequency-Hopped MIMO Communications
K. Forsythe / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
1700 Closing Remarks
1800 Reception
1900 Banquet


0745 Check-in & Continental Breakfast
0830 Opening Remarks
J. Ward / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
0835 Keynote Address
Dr. Anthony J. Tether, Director, DARPA
0920 Session III: Adaptive Detection and Estimation
K. Bell / George Mason University
0935 Mean-Squared Error Performance Prediction of Maximum-Likelihood Signal Parameter Estimation
C. Richmond / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
1005 Poster Précis
K. Bell / George Mason University
Beamforming and Directivity Index in the Nonlinear Acoustic Region
T. Kooij / DARPA/ATO
S. Goldstein / APTI

Blind Equalization Algorithms for Multiple Channel Sampling Systems with Applications
R. Sharma / MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Imaging and Target Detection from Unstructured and Sparse Antenna Arrays
A. Devaney / Northeastern University

Blind Adaptive Dereverberation of Speech Signals Using Microphone Arrays
T. Bakir / Georgia Institute of Technology
R. Mersereau / Atlanta Signal Processing

Identification of Unknown Uncorrelated Colored Signals Distorted by Unknown Convolutive Channels
Y. Hua / University of California, Riverside
S. An / University of California, Riverside
Y. Xiang / University of California, Riverside
1030 Break
1100 Array Shape Tracking Using Active Sonar Reverberation
V. Varadarajan / Duke University
J. Krolik / Duke University
1130 Matched Subspace Detectors for Stochastic Signals
T. McWhorter / Mission Research Corp.
L. Scharf / Colorado State University
1200 Lunch
1300 Session IV: Radar & Advanced Techniques
E. Brookner / Raytheon
1310 Active-Testing Surveillance Systems, or Playing 20 Questions with a Radar
D. Fuhrmann / Washington University
1340 Radar Signal Processing Considerations for Imaging in the Quantum Limit A. Steinhardt / DARPA/IXO
J. Guerci / DARPA
J. McCrae / DARPA
1410 Closing for Open / Public Domain Session
1415 Break

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