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Adaptive Sensor Array Processing Workshop
11-12 March 1993


Portions have been intentionally ommitted.
Speaker Title
Capt. Ryan Henry
Sponsor Welcome
Ralph T. Compton, Jr.
Compton Research, Inc.
Keynote Address
Adaptive Antennas: A Retrospective
Gerard W. Titi
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
SESSION I - Radar and Communication Systems
Matthew W. Ganz
Adaptive Radar Challenges
Robert W. Miller
Lincoln Laboratory
Adaptive Interference Suppression Results of the
MIT/LL Space Radar Technology Program
Mark E. Musolf
Norden Systems
Airborne Radar Adaptive Cancellation Techniques
James Ward
Lincoln Laboratory
Adaptive Nulling Performance of the Radar Surveillance Technology Experimental Radar
William C. Cummings
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Satellite Anti-Jam Communications
Dennis J. Keane
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
SESSION II - Seeker Systems
Dennis P. Murray
Overview of Adaptive Processing Applications to Radar Missile Seekers
Mark A. Weiner
Lincoln Laboratory
Airborne Seeker Testbed ECCM Test Program
Gary F. Hatke
Lincoln Laboratory
Sampled Aperture Techniques
Robert L. Trapp
Johns Hopkins APL
Missile Seeker Target Discrimination in ECM
Arthur B. Baggeroer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
SESSION III - Sonar Surveillance
Harry Cox
Orincon Corporation
Undersea Surveillance Applications of Adaptive Array Processing
William A. Kuperman
Naval Res. Laboratory
Environmentally Based Signal Processing for Ocean Acoustics
Peter N. Mikhalevsky
Adaptive Matched Field Processing
Norman L. Owsley
Naval Undersea Warfare Ctr.
Tactical Multiline Towed Sonar Array Adaptive Beamforming
Steven I. Krich
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
SESSION IV - Space-Time Processing
Thomas W. Miller
William P. Ballance

Hughes Aircraft Co.
Space-Time Processing Approaches
Steven I. Krich
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Sequential Nulling of Jamming and Clutter
Larry Brennan
Adaptive Sensors, Inc.
Some Experimental Results on Space-Time Adaptive Processing
Bernard D. Steinberg
University of Pennsylvania
Self-Calibration of Phased Arrays on Clutter
David R. Martinez
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
SESSION V - Processor Architectures
Richard Shively
AT & T Bell Laboratories
Graph Programming Environment to Streamline Development of Parallel Processor Applications
Kenneth Teitelbaum
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
A Modular Parallel Processor for Adaptive Sensor Signal Processing
David R. Martinez
Lincoln Laboratory
Space-Time Adaptive Processing Testbed
Charles M. Rader
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
SESSION VI - Advanced Techniques
Lloyd J. Griffiths
University of So. California
Steering Vector Estimation in Uncalibrated Arrays
Oleg Brovko/J. R. Staub
Hughes Aircraft Co.
Utilization of Degrees of Freedom in Fighter Radars
Larry Marple
Orincon Corporation
High-order Spectral Processing of Sonobuoy Arrays
Robert A. Gabel
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
SESSION VII - Jammer Multipath itigation
Robert A. Gabel
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Multipath Jammer Threat Modeling
James G. Bull
Boeing Military Airplane Co.
Forward Scatter Flight Tests
John Mallett/Larry Brennan
Adaptive Sensors, Inc.
Adaptive Cancellation of Terrain-Scattered Interference
David Lamensdorf, et al
MITRE Corporation
Multipath Compensation on Airborne Adaptive Radar
Alan J. Fenn
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Dual Use of Adaptive Array Technology
A.J. Fenn
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Hyperthermia Treatment of Cancer
B.D. Steinberg
Univ. of Penn.
Diagnostic Imaging
D.R. Martinez
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Oil/Gas Exploration
A.B. Baggeroer
Sonar Systems



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