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Portions have been intentionally ommitted.
Speaker Title
J. H. McClellan
Georgia Institute of Technology
Keynote Address
Frequency-Wavenumber Array Processing
G. W. Titi
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
ARPA/Navy Mountaintop Program Update
R. L. Kohler
Rome Laboratory
D. Sloper
Westinghouse Corporation
An Overview of the Multi-Channel Airborne Radar Measurements (MCARM) Program
M. E. Davis and D. J. Fabozzi II
Rome Laboratory
Mountaintop CREST Database
A. B. Baggeroer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Poster Précis
K. Hwang, Z. Xu, and M. Arakawa
University of Southern California
STAP Benchmark Performance on the IBM SP2 Massively
Parallel Processor
C. M. Rader
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
SinVaD - An Architecture for Parallel Computation of the
Singular Value Decomposition
D. R. Fuhrmann
Washington University
The Quadratic Data-Fitting Problem: Estimation of Linear Model Parameters from Observations in Multiplicative Noise
W. S. Song
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
A Very-High-Performance Scalable Digital Beamforming Processor Using a VLSI Bit-Level Systolic Array
J. R. Guerci and E. H. Feria
City University of New York
S. U. Pillai
Polytechnic University
Efficient Multichannel Space-Time Whitening Filters
R. M. Davis, R. L. Fante,
and T. P. Guella

MITRE Corporation
Adaptive Cancellation of Multiple Mainbeam Jammers
M. L. Pugh
Rome Laboratory
RLSTAP Algorithm Development Tool for STAP Analysis in the Mountaintop Environment
S. Napear and D. Nadeau
San Diego Supercomputer Center
Visualization of STAP
E. J. Baranoski, J. Ward, D. Marshall, and R. A. Gabel
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Interactive STAP Demonstrations
R. T. Compton, Jr.
Compton Research, Inc.
SESSION II: Communications
J. H. Winters
AT&T Bell Laboratories
Adaptive Antennas in Wireless Systems
J-W. Liang and A. J. Paulraj
Stanford University
On Optimizing Base Station Antenna Array Topology for Coverage Extension in Cellular Radio Networks
C. M. Keller
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Propagation Measurements for 1.9 GHz Antenna Array Design
T. Brown, M. Kaveh,
and V. Ghazi-Moghaddam

Univ. of Minnesota
The Use of Antenna Arrays in the Detection of Code Division Multiple Access Signals
K. W. Forsythe
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Maximum Likelihood Techniques for Joint Demodulation and Beamforming with Adaptive Antenna Arrays
R. Gooch
Applied Signal Technology
The Multistage CM Array
L. Griffiths
University of Colorado
SESSION III: Space-Time Adaptive Processing
J. Ward
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
STAP, Clutter Rank, and DPCA
A. M. Haimovich
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Performance Analysis of the Eigencanceler - Eigenanalysis Based Space-Time Adaptive Radar
G. K. Borsari
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Cost Efficient Multi-Doppler Bin STAP
D. F. Marshall
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Evaluation of STAP Training Strategies with Mountaintop Data
G. Genello, M. Wicks, W. Melvin ,
and R. Brown
Rome Laboratory
S. Babu and J. Torres
MITRE Corporation
B. Havlicsek
Westinghouse Corporation
Multichannel Airborne Radar Array Data Analysis
N. L. Owsley
Naval Undersea Warfare Center
SESSION IV: Acoustics
N. L. Owsley
Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Adaptive Beamforming and Direction Finding for Arrays in Difficult Environments
J. L. Krolik
Duke University
Robust Adaptive Array Processing in Stochastic Shallow-Water Multipath Acoustic Channels
J. M. F. Moura
Carnegie Mellon University
D. Mauuary
Institut Fur Meereskunde
Ray Path Identification in Ocean Acoustic Tomography
A. B. Baggeroer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cramér-Rao Bounds for Source Localization Using Matched Field Processing
A. B. Baggeroer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Poster Précis
A. L. Swindlehurst
Brigham Young University
Recent Results in Blind and DF-Based Beamforming and Equalization at Brigham Young University
J-T. Chen and A. J. Paulraj
Stanford University
Performance of Interference Reducing Antenna Arrays at Base Stations in AMPS Cellular Networks
A. P. Petropulu
Drexel University
Multichannel Blind Equalization of Non-White Signals
M. K. Tsatsanis and G. B. Giannakis
University of Virginia
Beamforming Techniques for Multiuser Detection in CDMA Systems
P. Tsakalides and C. L. Nikias
University of Southern California
Direction Finding with Fractional Lower-Order Statistics
P. C. E. Bennett
Cornell University
On the Use of Non-Causal Filters for Adaptive Sensor Array Processing
D. R. Fuhrmann
Washington University
SESSION V: Detection and Parameter Estimation
D. E. Kreithen
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Target Detection in Undernulled Clutter
A. Hero
University of Michigan
R. Delap
Air Force Institute of Technology
Beamforming in Slow Rayleigh Fading Environments: Narrowband and Wideband Results
B. D. Carlson
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Post-STAP Processing Detection and Track with Multidimensional Data Maps and the Hough Transform
J. S. Goldstein and D. B. Williams
Georgia Institute of Technology
Rank Reduction for Minimum Mean-Square Error Signal Processing
C. D. Richmond
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Derived PDF of Maximum Likelihood (ML) Signal Estimator which Employs an Estimated Noise Covariance
J. Proakis
Northeastern University
SESSION VI: Superresolution
G. F. Hatke and K. W. Forsythe
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Prime Polynomial Rooting Algorithms for Joint Azimuth/Elevation Estimation Using Planar Arrays
J. Li
University of Florida
P. Stoica
Uppsala University
B. Halder
Stanford University
M. Viberg
Chalmers Univ. Tech.
Decoupled Maximum Likelihood Angle Estimation for Signals
with Known Waveforms
R. K. Howell and R. L. Kirlin
University of Victoria
High Resolution Beamforming for Closely Spaced, Highly Correlated Sources: The delta-MUSIC Algorithm
R. L. Fante
MITRE Corporation
SESSION VII: Multipath Jamming
W. C. Jones, Jr.
Westinghouse Corporation
Cancellation of Terrain-Scattered Interference (TSI)
R. A. Gabel
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Mountaintop Bistatic Jamming Experiments and Analysis
L. E. Brennan
Adaptive Sensors, Inc.
Preliminary Results of Hot Clutter Cancellation Test Using WSMR Data
C. S. Butler and G. T. Zunich
Information Systems Laboratories, Inc.
Mitigation of the Mountaintop Doublet Data



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