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Radome Effects on
Two-Dimensional Angle

Ralph T. Compton, Jr.
Compton Research, Inc.
477 Poe Avenue
Worthington, OH 43085-3036
tel: (614) 885-0907
fax: (614) 885-0907
email: compton@ee.eng.ohio-state.edu

Abstract This presentation describes the effects of a radome on the performance of a two-dimensional adaptive maximum likelihood angle estimation technique. The problem of interest is to estimate the azimuth and elevation angles of a target using a four-quadrant circular antenna behind a radome similar to that of an Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF). It is assumed that mainbeam jamming may be present along with the target signal. The presentation describes the use of adaptive maximum likelihood angle estimation to solve this problem and shows how the radome and the jamming affect the means and variances of the estimates.



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