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Exploiting Frequency
Domain Models in Array
Signal Processing

A. Lee Swindlehurst
Brigham Young University
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Room 459CB
Provo, UT 84602
tel: (801) 378-4343
fax: (801) 378-6586
email: swindle@ee.byu.edu

Abstract We propose a novel method for the reconstruction of an unknown signal that propagates in the presence of multipath. By oversampling the received sequence, or through spatial diversity, we first form a single input/two output problem. We then estimate the multipath effect by applying cross-correlation based operations of the two outputs, and recover the input signal via inverse filtering. The method is computationally attractive as compared to higher-order spectra based methods. It is not sensitive to errors in channel length estimates and performs better in low SNR's as compared to existing second-order statistics based methods. We show how the method can lead to a novel solution to the problem of estimating the propagation channels in radar applications.



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