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Interference Visualization

Pamela Kove and Jack Li
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
244 Wood Street
Lexington, MA 02173-9108
tel: (617) 981-4120
email: kove@ll.mit.edu
email: jackli@ll.mit.edu

Abstract This demonstration presents the visualization of the terrain-scattered interference (TSI) that can arise from aircraft-based jammers. Field data collected under the Mountaintop program was used to evaluate the crosscorrelation between direct-path and multipath jamming signals in the reference and target beams of a TSI mitigation structure. Following spectral analysis across each data set, we obtain a portrait of the corresponding TSI in terms of its arrival azimuth, bistatic delay, and relative Doppler. This portrait may be viewed in an interactive manner to expose interesting features of the TSI energy distribution that bear directly on the selection of TSI mitigation parameters, such as number of taps, Doppler compensation, and required weight update rate. The energy distribution is seen to compare favorably with predictions based on the aircraft's trajectory. From a series of data files collected along the aircraft flight path, we view the time dependence of this energy distribution.



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