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A MountainTop
MATLAB Toolbox

Yaron Seliktar, Douglas B. Williams, and James McClellan
Georgia Institute of Technology
777 Atlantic Drive
Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
Atlanta, GA 30332-0250
tel: (404) 854-9832
fax: (404) 894-8363
email: dbw@eedsp.gatech.edu

Abstract In order to facilitate use of the Mountain Top (MT) data set, we offer a toolbox of MATLAB routines for processing, synthesizing, and visualizing radar data. The first set of routines implement some common adaptive and non-adaptive techniques for processing both synthetic and MT data under a common framework. Additional algorithms can be incorporated into this general format in the future. The second set of routines are used to synthesize interference and target data having the same data format as the MT data sets. A third set of routines provides useful display tools for visualizing data and the processed results. Each of the three sets comes with a graphical interface to facilitate usage. All MATLAB code and accompanying documentation can be obtained through anonymous ftp at ftp.ee.gatech.edu ( in directory "pub/users/yaron".



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