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Direct Clutter Cancellation
for STAP

James McClellan, Greg Showman, and Ali Saidi
Georgia Institute of Technology
777 Atlantic Drive
School of Elec. and Comp. Engineering
Atlanta, GA 30332-0250
tel: (404) 894-8325
fax: (404) 853-9171
email: mcclella@eedsp.gatech.edu

Abstract We have developed a two-dimensional FIR filtering method that can model signals with linear move-out. In the frequency domain, such signals have energy concentrated along a straight line. This method has recently been extended to the case where the signal energy lies along an approximate elliptical contour in frequency. In this presentation, we apply this method as a pre-processor for STAP, in which the 2-D filter would directly cancel clutter ridge energy present in airborne radar data prior to adaptive processing. This approach is the natural extension of two and three-point cancellers used in 1-D Doppler radars. The preprocessor is a low-order 2-D FIR filter whose coefficients can be parameterized in terms of the slope of a linear clutter ridge and/or the shape of an elliptical clutter ridge. The performance of this preprocessing approach in conjunction with adaptive processing are presented.



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