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Speaker Title
I. S. Reed
University of Southern California
Keynote Address
A Multidisciplinary Perspective on Adaptive Sensor Array Processing
. Computer Demonstrations
D. J. Fabozzi, S. E. Borek, and
E. M. Starczewski

Rome Laboratory
Processing Results from the CREST Program
P. Kove and J. Li
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Terrain-Scattered Interference Visualization
Y. Seliktar, D. B. Williams, and
J. McClellan

Georgia Institute of Technology
A Mountaintop MATLAB Toolbox
F. Lee
Naval Research Laboratory
SESSION I: Space-Time Adaptive Processing
E. J. Baranoski
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Constraint Optimization for Pre-Doppler STAP Algorithms
J. McClellan, G. Showman, and
A. Saidi

Georgia Institute of Technology
Direct Clutter Cancellation for STAP
D. J. Rabideau and A. O. Steinhardt
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Power Selected Training for False Alarm Mitigation in Airborne Radar
A. E. Filip and S. C. Pohlig
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
STAP Applied to Electro-Optical Sensors
T. W. Miller
Hughes Aircraft Company
Session II: Multipath Jammer Mitigation
T. W. Miller and J. M. Ortiz
Hughes Aircraft Company
An Overview of Issues in Hot Clutter Mitigation
L. Brennan
Larry Brennan and Associates
Cancellation of Terrain Scattered Jamming in Airborne Radars
R. A. Gabel
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Signal Subspace Issues in TSI Mitigation
D. F. Marshall and R. A. Gabel
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Simultaneous Mitigation of Multipath Jamming and Ground Clutter
S. M. Kogon, D. B. Williams, and
E. J. Holder

Georgia Institute of Technology
Hot Clutter Cancellation with Orthogonal Beamspace Transforms
L. J. Griffiths
University of Colorado
Adaptive Hot Clutter Mitigation Using Multiple Linear Constraints
D. R. Martinez
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Session III: Parallel Processing of Adaptive Algorithms
A. W. Bojanczyk, G. Adams, R. Durie, and J. Lebak
Cornell University
Space-Time Adaptive Processing on Commercial High-Performance Computers
P. B. Bhat, Y. W. Lim, and
V. K. Prasanna

University of Southern California
Scalable Portable Parallel Algorithms for STAP
M. F. Skalabrin and T. H. Einstein
Mercury Computer Systems, Inc.
STAP Processing on a Multicomputer: Distribution of 3-D Data Sets and Processor Allocation for Optimum Interprocessor Communication
D. Snyder
Washington University
SESSION IV: Adaptive Detection
G. A. Tsihrintzis and C. L. Nikias
University of Virginia
STAP Detection with Sub-Gaussian Distributions and Fractional Lower-Order Statistics for Airborne Radar
C. D. Richmond
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Adaptive Array Processing in Non-Gaussian Environments
R. Raghavan and N. Pulsone
Northeastern University
A Generalization of the Adaptive Matched Filter Receiver for Array Detection in a Class of Non-Gaussian Interference
S. T. Smith
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Detection Performance with Combined Adaptive Filters
J. G. Proakis
Northeastern University
SESSION V: Adaptive Parameter Estimation
K. L. Bell, Y. Ephraim, and
H. L. Van Trees

George Mason University
Explicit Ziv-Zakai Lower Bound for Bearing Estimation Using Planar Arrays
J. Ward
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Angle and Doppler Estimation with Space-Time Adaptive Processing Radar
R. T. Compton, Jr.
Compton Research, Inc.
Radome Effects on Two-Dimensional Angle Estimation
S. D. Coutts
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
3-D Jammer Localization
A. P. Petropulu and H. Pozidis
Drexel University
K. Abend
Gorca Systems, Inc.
Cross-Correlation Based Estimation of Multipath Propagation Channels
A. L. Swindlehurst
Brigham Young University
Exploiting Frequency Domain Models in Array Signal Processing



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