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Digital Radar Receiver

William S. Song
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
244 Wood Street
Lexington, MA 02173-9108
tel: (781) 981-4693
email: song@ll.mit.edu

MIT Lincoln Laboratory has developed an experimental all digital radar receiver for the airborne surveillance applications such as the airborne E-2C UHF radar. The all-digital radar receiver directly samples the radio frequency (RF) input and performs the baseband downconversion and in-phase/quadrature signal generation in the digital domain. The direct RF sampling eliminates much of the mixers, filters, and other analog circuitry in the receiver. The component count reduction is also expected to reduce the receiver size, weight, and cost significantly. In order to meet the 65 GOPS per channel computational throughput requirements of digital down-conversion, a very high performance signal processor chip-set has been developed using CMOS bit-level systolic array cell architecture.



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