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Sample Selection For
Improved Adaptive
Airborne Radar

William L. Melvin, Pinyuen Chen*, and Michael C. Wicks
USAF Rome Laboratory
26 Electronics Parkway
Rome, NY 13441-4514
tel: (315) 330-1896
fax: 315-330-2139
email: melvinw@rl.af.mil

Abstract This presentation shall discuss the challenges of fielding an adaptive airborne radar in the presence of nonhomogeneous interference. We discuss the impact of corrupted, nonhomogeneous sample data on the formulation of the adaptive filter weights. We then propose several solutions to improve the performance of the adaptive processor. Measured airborne radar data from the Multichannel Airborne Radar Measurements (MCARM) Program shall be used in the analysis. This presentation will include discussion of the following topics: an overview of the challenge nonhomogeneous interference poses for adaptive systems; detection of nonhomogeneous interference based on several test statistics; comparison of methods; performance of adaptive training strategies using measured airborne data; and analysis of MCARM data.

*Visiting Scientist under the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA)



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