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Speaker   Title
Norman Owsley
Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Keynote Address
Radar, Sonar and Whatever Happened to Finn Bryn?
Arthur Baggeroer
MIT Ocean Engineering
SESSION I: Sonar and Underwater Acoustics Sessions
William Carey
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Determination of Signal Coherence Length Based on Signal Coherence and Gain Measurements in Deep and Shallow Water
Ken Senne
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Ira Ekhaus
Synap Corporation
Reduced Wavenumber Synthetic Aperture
Daniel Marshall
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Monostatic Clutter Spreading in Joint Terrain Scattered Jamming/Clutter Mitigation Architectures
Steven Smith and James Ward
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Fast Space-Time Clutter Covariance Matrix Computation
Brian Freburger and Donald Tufts
University of Rhode Island
On the Applicability of Principal Component Inverse to Rapidly Adaptive Suppression of Terrain Scattered Interference
William Ballance
Hughes Aircraft Co.
SESSION II: Space-Time Adaptive Processing (STAP)
Peter Zulch
USAF Rome Lab
Joseph Guerci
The CREST Challenge -- Overview and Analysis
William Melvin, Pinyuen Chen, and Michael Wicks
USAF Rome Laboratory
Sample Selection for Improved Adaptive Airborne Radar
Timothy Barton and Steven Smith
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Structured Covariance Estimation for Space-Time Adaptive Processing
Michael Zatman
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The Effect of Bandwidth on Space-Time Adaptive Processing
James Day
Lockheed Martin
SESSION III: Systems Applications of STAP
Robert Cooper
Lockheed Martin
STAP Implementation Trades for a UHF Airborne Early Warning Radar System
K. Akbulut, B. Suresh Babu,
Richard Davis, and J. Kramer

The MITRE Corporation
Clutter Mitigation in an Airborne Radar Based Upon Phase-Weight Perturbation
S.U. Pillai, Y.L. Kim and
Joseph Guerci

Polytechnic University
A Robust Implicit Interference Subspace Removal Technique for STAP
Ronald Fante
SESSION IV: Terrain Scattered Interference
Lee Moyer and Douglas Page
Technology Service Corp.
James Arnts and David Fenner
Northrop Grumman Corp.
Ralph Kohler, Mike Little and
David Mokay

Rome Laboratory
Multi-Channel Airborne Bistatic Radar Data Collection
Daniel Rabideau
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Signal Modulation in Pulse-By-Pulse Adaptive Nulling Systems
Steven Kogon
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
E. Jeff Holder
Georgia Tech Research Institute
Douglas Williams
Georgia Institute of Technology
On the Use of Terrain Scattered Interference for Mainbeam Jammer Suppression
Scott Coutts
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
3-D Emitter Localization Using Out-of-Plane Multipath
Harry Van Trees
George Mason University
SESSION V: Detection and Estimation
Gary Hatke
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
GAMMA: A Fast Adaptive Parameter Estimation Algorithm for Multidimensionl Arrays
Christ Richmond
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Statistical Analysis of Clutter Editing Adaptive Detection Algorithm
Steven Smith
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Adaptive Detection Performance in Non-Ideal Conditions
Masahiro Arakawa and Robert Ford
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Seeker Algorithm and Architecture Study
Russell Brown, Richard Linderman,
and Mark Linderman

Rome Laboratory
John Samson and David Grimm
Honeywell Corporation
Arnold Bramson, Bruce Havlicsek,
and Robert Warta

Northrop Grumman Corporation
Processing Considerations and Performance Results for a Real-Time STAP Flight Demonstration
William Kostis, Gary Adams, Robert Durie, and Adam Bojanczyk
Cornell University
Automated Application Synthesis for High-Performance Sensor Array Processing
Viktor Prasanna
University of Southern California
Data Remapping Techniques for High-Performance Embedded Signal Processing Applications
William Song
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Digital Radar Receiver
Arthur Baggeroer
MIT Ocean Engineering
SESSION VI: Sonar and Underwater Acoustics II
M. Stojanovic and J. Proakis
Northeastern University
Spatial Signal Processing for Time-Dispersive Digital Communication Channels
R. T. Compton Jr.
Compton Research, Inc.
SESSION VII: Advanced Applications
Donald Tufts and J.W. Cooley
University of Rhode Island
Edward Real
Sanders, Lockheed Martin
Fast Approximate Subspace Tracking
Alex Haimovich and A. Shah
New Jersey Institute of Technology
STAP in Wireless Communications: Performance Analysis



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