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Speaker   Title
Dr. Thomas Miller
Raytheon Systems Co.
Keynote Address
Daniel R. Fuhrmann
Washington University
The Subspace Tracking Loop
Tim Barton
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Mutual Coherence Parameter Estimation
John Hoffman, Louis Vasquez, Charles Farthing, and Clarence Ng
Systems Engineering Group, Inc.
Kenneth Johnson
Naval Surface Warfare Center
Adaptive Distributed Clutter Improvement Factor (ADDCIF)
Daniel E. Kreithen, Carl F. Pearson and Christ D. Richmond
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Adaptive Sidelobe Blanker: Threshold Setting and Performance in Inhomogeneous Clutter
Yaron Seliktar, Douglas B. Williams and
E. Jeff Holder

Georgia Institute of Technology
Adaptive Monopulse Processing in the Presence of TSI
and Mainbeam Jamming
Nicholas B. Pulsone and
Edward J. Baranoski

MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Adaptive Wideband Interference Suppression for a
Beamspace Application (AN/SPY-1)
Matthew Nelson and Ralph Chatham
Dynamics Technology, Inc.
Synthetic Aperture Sonar: A Revolution in Underwater Sensing
T. Slocumb
Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC)
SESSION I: Radar Array Processing
Gary F. Hatke
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Adaptive Array Processing for Wideband Nulling in GPS Systems
Joseph R. Guerci
Covariance Matrix Tapers: A Unifying Theory for Robust Adaptive Beamforming
Dennis C. Braunreiter and Harry A. Schmitt
Raytheon Systems Co.
Wavelet Based Optimization of Space-Time Adaptive Processing
J. Scott Goldstein
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

I.S. Reed
University of Southern California
L.L. Scharf
University of Colorado
A New Interpretation of the Wiener Filter
S. Unnikrishna Pillai, Y.L. Kim,
and Joseph R. Guerci

Polytechnic University
Strategies for Minimal Sample Support STAP
Daniel J. Rabideau
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Advanced STAP for TSI Modulated Clutter
M. Davis
Keith Forsythe
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
High Definition Vector Imaging for FOPEN SAR
Charles T.C. Le and Scott Hensley
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
RFI Rejection in Wideband SAR Signals Using LMS Adaptive Filters
Mitchell I. Mirkin
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Adaptive Dual Aperture Clutter Cancellation
Stuart R. DeGraaf
Northrop Grumman Corp.
Adaptive SAR Imaging and Its Impact on ATD/R and Image Exploitation
L. Griffiths
George Mason University
SESSION III: Detection and Estimation 1
A. Lee Swindlehurst and Petre Stoica
Brigham Young University
On the Use of Unstructured Array Models for
Radar Space-Time Adaptive Processing
Christ D. Richmond
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Performance of the Adaptive Sidelobe Blanker Detection Algorithm in the Presence of Signal Mismatch
Steven T. Smith
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Estimation Methods and Bounds for Synthetic Wideband Processing
G. Duckworth
BBN Technologies
Howard Lazoff
BBN Technologies
Target Tracking Using Fuzzy Logic Association Techniques
Henry Cox
Some Improvements to Dominant Mode Rejection Adaptive Beamforming
James Ward
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Arthur B. Baggeroer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rapidly Adaptive Matched Field Processing for Nonstationary Environments and Active Sonars



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