Victoria V. Helus

Formal portrait of Victoria Helus

Victoria V. Helus is an associate staff member in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Her current interest is focused on how to use AI for social good, with an emphasis on AI ethics, AI education, and informed machine learning (ML). Since joining the Laboratory in 2015, she has also been a part of the Integrated Missile Defense Technology Group, where she prototyped algorithms and performed analysis in support of radar discrimination, mission planning, and missile guidance problems. Helus is also very invested in STEM outreach. She regularly volunteers her time to give talks and teach AI/ML concepts, and helped spearhead an AI workshop that is held at various schools and organizations through the Laboratory’s Girls' Innovation Research Lab outreach program.

She received her BA degree in applied mathematics and economics from the University of Southern California in 2015, and earned her MA degree in statistics from Boston University in 2018 through the Lincoln Scholars program.