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Research OpportunitiesAt MIT Lincoln Laboratory, we work on complex and intriguing challenges facing our nation. We are dedicated to providing innovative and necessary research and development to the Government to help combat national security threats. For candidates seeking research opportunities, MIT Lincoln Laboratory provides eight areas of research and technology.
  • Air, Missile, and Maritime Defense Technology
    The Air, Missile, and Maritime Defense Technology Division works with government and industry to develop an integrated air and missile defense system.
  • Homeland Protection and Air Traffic Control
    The Homeland Protection and Air Traffic Control Division is supporting the nation’s security by innovating technology and architectures to help prevent terrorist attacks within the U.S. and to facilitate recovery from disasters. The Homeland Protection and Air Traffic Control Division works to develop aircraft surveillance, weather sensing, and collision avoidance systems.
  • Cyber Security and Information Sciences
    In the Cyber Security and Information Sciences Division, Lincoln Laboratory conducts research, development, evaluation, and deployment of prototype components and systems designed to improve the security of computer networks, hosts, and applications.
  • Communication Systems
    The Communication Systems Division mission is to work on enhancing and protecting the capabilities of the nation's global defense networks.
  • Engineering
    The Engineering Division, working in partnership with all the other MIT Lincoln Laboratory divisions, designs and builds advanced technology systems of national importance.
  • Advanced Technology
    The Advanced Technology Division performs research and development on component and subsystem-level technologies which can enable new approaches to DoD systems, and which advance state-of-the-art technology for U.S. industry.
  • Space Systems and Technology
    The Space Systems and Technology Division develops and utilizes systems to detect, track, identify, characterize, and assess the growing population of resident space objects, and investigates technologies to improve monitoring of the space environment.
  • ISR and Tactical Systems
    The Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Systems and Technology Division conducts research and development into advanced sensing concepts, signal and image processing, high performance computing, networked sensor architectures, and decisions sciences.

Areas of Research