Working at Lincoln Laboratory

MIT Lincoln Laboratory technical staff work on applied research and development to provide solutions to national defense problems. Laboratory projects continually evolve with technology, presenting scientists and engineers with opportunities to explore new lines of research. In addition, many projects are multidisciplinary and collaborative.

Photo of researchers adjusting  equipment

The Laboratory, employing about 3700 people, has a strong infrastructure to support the research and demonstration activities behind the development of new devices and technologies. Lincoln Laboratory's facilities include dozens of small, specialized labs; a major microelectronics laboratory; an airborne test bed facility and an RF system test facility; the Lincoln Space Surveillance Complex; and a comprehensive library.


Profile of Lab staffTechnical staff members hold degrees in many scientific disciplines; more than half have degrees in electrical engineering or physics.

Approximately 1700 technical staff members work on research, prototype building, and field demonstrations. The technical staff come from a broad range of scientific and engineering fields. Two-thirds of the professional staff hold advanced degrees, and 60% of those degrees are at the doctoral level.



The Contracting Services Department provides support in government procurement and contracts to the research programs at the Laboratory. Business and human resources functions are integrated through an SAP enterprise system.

The Laboratory’s strong affiliation with MIT provides staff with opportunities to take advantage of MIT’s offerings—courses, seminars, cultural events, and facilities.

The Laboratory’s location just outside Boston affords access to many fine universities and colleges. The Boston area also has excellent cultural institutions and recreation for sports enthusiasts and fans.


MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s fundamental mission is to apply science and advanced technology to critical problems of national security. To assure excellence in the fulfillment of this mission, the Laboratory is committed to fostering an environment that embraces and leverages diversity of thought, culture, and experience.

U.S. citizenship is required.
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