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Quantum Photonics and Quantum Secure Communication

Quantum technologies will provide new methods of data transfer and manipulation with enhanced security. We are investigating long-distance links and integrated photonics technologies to go at the ends of these links to make these new methods a reality.

Lincoln Laboratory Staff

P. Ben Dixon, Matthew Grein, Ryan Murphy, Margaret Pavlovich

University Faculty

Isaac Chuang (MIT, Physics), Dirk Englund (MIT, RLE), Jeffrey Shapiro (MIT, RLE), Franco N. C. Wong (MIT, RLE)

Overlaid are depictions of a dispersive-optics-based quantum key distribution (QKD) transmitter, located at MIT, and receiver, located at Lincoln Laboratory. These components allow two parties (commonly referred to as Alice and Bob) to engage in quantum secure communication.

  • Develop entanglement distribution across real-world communication channels

Project Goals
  • Build quantum communication systems suitable for quantum key distribution and quantum teleportation
  • Test and characterize quantum communication systems in field demonstrations with deployed fiber optic channels

This is a multi-mode reconfigurable silicon photonics mode processor chip capable of performing high-fidelity multi-photon quantum interference experiments.

  • Develop precision photonic quantum-state generation and manipulation capabilities

Project Goals
  • Develop efficient and accurate control and characterization capabilities for reconfigurable multi-mode silicon photonics mode processor
  • Perform high-fidelity multi-photon quantum interference experiments with reconfigurable photonic processor
Project Goals
  • Design an optical and microwave resonator to enhance the capability of NV magnetic field sensors
  • Develop laser threshold magnetometry using a whispering gallery mode resonator
  • Develop power-budget-optimized quantum sensors in a compact form factor


This diamond optical micro-resonator may enable resonant interaction with the NV’s within and allow for enhanced sensors.