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Raoul Ouedraogo

Electrical Engineer
Raoul Ouedraogo
I want students to know that the work we do at Lincoln Laboratory is meaningful, impactful, and exciting.

Raoul Ouedraogo's research focuses on miniaturization, taking small items like antennas, sensors, and nanobatteries, and making them even smaller. He has been working with a team to develop small sensors that, when integrated on drones flown over disaster areas, can detect people trapped under rubble or inside burning buildings. This system could save the lives of not only disaster victims but also of rescue workers who might otherwise have to search dangerous sites. Raoul says he is gratified to know that the technology he creates may save lives, and he'd like students to see engineering's potential to impact our world. He organizes an annual tournament to engage the Laboratory's college interns in designing creative inventions to solve real-world problems. At the Laboratory's summer build-a-radar workshop, he teaches high school seniors how radar systems can help keep aircraft safe. And, he visits local schools to encourage students to hang onto their enthusiasm for science and math, using his journey from growing up in Burkina Faso to working at the Laboratory as an example of the power of following one's aspirations.