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Jessica Holland

Systems engineer
Jessica Holland - Systems engineer
Working with top-notch staff on challenging problems keeps my learning curve steep and pushes me constantly to improve as an engineer.

Jessica came to the Laboratory with a sky-high background: a commercial aircraft pilot with dual degrees in aeronautics engineering and aviation flight operations. She channeled her passion for flying into projects to improve aviation safety, playing a key role in developing the FAA's next-generation system to avoid mid-air collisions. She then took her expertise to Kwajalein Atoll, where the Laboratory has a facility at the U.S. Army's Reagan Test Site, to work on projects concerning our nation's safety in space. As a systems engineer, Jessica is improving the Reagan Test Site's telescopes and radars for space situational awareness and space control. In her spare time on Kwajalein, she's traded in the sky for the sea, having earned her Master Scuba Diver certificate. Jessica uses her diving skills to volunteer with a local organization that searches the Kwajalein lagoon for lost World War II wrecks containing servicemen missing in action.