Dr. Melissa G. Choi

Melissa Choi

Dr. Melissa G. Choi is Head of the Homeland Protection and Air Traffic Control Division at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. The Air Traffic Control mission works to develop aircraft surveillance, weather sensing, and collision avoidance systems. Today’s current portfolio also includes a set of programs focusing on the FAA’s Next Generation Air Transportation System.

Prior to this position, she was the Assistant Division Head of the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Tactical Systems Division after becoming Leader of the Active Optical Systems Group.

Dr. Choi joined Lincoln Laboratory in 1999 as a member of the technical staff in the Advanced System Concepts Group, where she focused on systems analysis for ISR and tactical applications related to surface surveillance. Her work included mission analyses at scales ranging from small team operations to theater conflicts against peer competitors, and sensor projects ranging from unattended ground sensors and small unmanned aerial vehicles to large aircraft and constellations of space-based assets.  In 2006, she became Assistant Leader of the Group, before transitioning to become Assistant Leader and then Leader of the Systems and Analysis Group, which provides technical analysis to U.S. Air Force leadership on air vehicle survivability and the potential capabilities and limitations of ISR and tactical systems.  In this role, she led new analysis and test efforts focused on U.S. platform, payload, and electronic attack options.

Dr. Choi completed her undergraduate work at Ithaca College, majoring in mathematics.  She received a PhD degree in applied mathematics from North Carolina State University, where she modeled radio-frequency bonding of adhesives in composites for use in the automotive industry.   



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