Kevin M. Carter

Dr. Kevin M. CarterKevin M. Carter
Lincoln Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cyber Systems and Technology Group
244 Wood Street
Lexington, MA 02420-9108
voice: 781-981-2731
fax: 781-981-0186


Dr. Kevin M. Carter is an Associate Leader in the Cyber Analytics and Decision Systems Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He joined the Laboratory in February of 2009 and has been working on problems of network security, situational awareness, anomaly detection, discovery, and prediction. His focus lies in large-scale network traffic analysis, identifying and characterizing patterns of interest in the midst of overwhelming noise. These characterizations can be leveraged for discovering critical entities and their relationships, as well as forecasting future events, such as cyberattacks. The emphasis on cyber modeling is part of a larger need for a "Science of Cyber," focusing less on ad hoc and one-off solutions and applying sound scientific principles to understand cyber environments.

Dr. Carter's academic research interests include statistical signal processing, pattern recognition, and machine learning, with specific focuses on dimensionality reduction and manifold learning. He developed several algorithms that took an information geometric approach to dimensionality reduction using the properties of statistical manifolds. These methods were applied to many practical applications, the most noteworthy of which is flow cytometry analysis.

Dr. Carter earned his BSE degree, cum laude, in computer engineering from the University of Delaware in 2004, and his MSE and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan in 2006 and 2009, respectively.


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