Scott I. Ruoti

Dr. Scott I. RuotiScott I. Ruoti
Lincoln Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Secure Resilient Systems and Technology Group
244 Wood Street
Lexington, MA 02420-9108

Dr. Scott I. Ruoti joined MIT Lincoln Laboratory in August 2016. His work currently focuses on cryptographically securing data stored in the cloud. More specifically, he is working on protecting data stored in Accumulo from malicious database administrators.

Dr. Ruoti’s research interests are in the areas of cryptographic protocol design and usable security. His past research has included work on usable, secure email, strong password protocols, and Transport Layer Security(TLS) authentication. In his doctoral dissertation, he explored the design principles necessary for secure email to be adopted by the masses. This work resulted in the first end-to-end secure email system that could correctly be used by novice users.

Dr. Ruoti received BS and BA degrees in computer science and Chinese, respectively, from Brigham Young University in 2011, an MS degree in computer science from Brigham Young University in 2014, and a PhD degree in computer science from Brigham Young University in 2016.





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