Tamara H. Yu

TTamara H. Yuamara H. Yu
Lincoln Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cyber Systems and Operations Group
244 Wood Street
Lexington, MA 02420-9108
email: tamara@ll.mit.edu


Ms. Tamara H. Yu is a member of the Cyber Systems and Operations Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Her research focuses on data fusion and visualization for network security. Her current project aims to create an enterprise-scale data and analytic platform based on open standards and net-centric principles. Previously she has developed a number of tools for visualizing security metrics and monitoring cyber threats. She has also contributed to the Lincoln Adaptable Real-time Information Assurance Testbed (LARIAT), focusing on test configuration and monitoring as well as desktop application actuation.

Ms. Yu received the BS and MEng degrees in computer science in 2004 from MIT, where her thesis addressed visualization techniques for comparative genomic analysis.


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