Sophia YuditskayaSophia C. Yuditskaya
Lincoln Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cyber Analytics and Decision Systems Group
244 Wood Street
Lexington, MA 02420-9108


Ms. Sophia Yuditskaya is an associate technical staff member in the Cyber Analytics and Decision Systems Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. She joined the Laboratory in 2010, and her current research focus is in the area of network traffic modeling for cyber situational awareness.

Ms. Yuditskaya is a graduate of MIT, with BS and MEng degrees in electrical engineering and computer science and an MS degree in media arts and sciences. She completed her MEng thesis work at Lincoln Laboratory in 2005 on the topic of network simulation and comparative performance analysis of group membership algorithms.  Her MS thesis research in 2010 for the Human Speechome Project at the MIT Media Lab applied machine learning techniques within a high volume, dense, longitudinal dataset to build models for detecting a child's affective state based on acoustic vocal attributes.


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