Uri Blumenthal

Diewald, J., Claypool, K., Alekseyev, J., Baah, G., Blumenthal, U., Cilcius, A., Pughe, W., Cooley, J., Cunningham, R., Glennie, J., Griffin, E., Pawlak, P., Securing the U.S. Transportation Command, Lincoln Laboratory Journal, Vol 22, Number 1, 2016.
(Journal Article)

Blumenthal, U., Haines, J., Streilein, W., O'Leary, J., Information Security for Situational Awareness, chapter of the book Situational Awareness for Computer Network Defense, IGI Global, January 31, 2012.

Blumenthal, U., Haines, J., O'Leary, G., Distributed Hierarchical Identity Management, ICIW, WP AFB, OH, 6-8 April 2010.
(Full Paper)









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