Sophia Yuditskaya

Roberts, S. C., Holodnak, J. T., Nguyen, T., Yuditskaya, S., Milosavljevic, M., Streilein, W. W., A Model-Based Approach to Predicting the Performance of Insider Threat Detection Systems, IEEE Security and Privacy Workshops, pp. 314-323, May 2016.
(Full Paper)

Yuditskaya, S., O'Melia, S., Herzog, J., Khazan, R., Usable Identity Management for Tactical Devices, in Military Communications Conference (MILCOM), Classified Track, 2011.

Yuditskaya, S. Automatic Vocal Recognition of a Child's Perceived Emotional State within the Speechome Corpus. M.S. Thesis, MIT Program in Media Arts and Sciences. August, 2010.

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Yuditskaya, S. Towards Implementing Group Membership in Dynamic Networks: A Practical Evaluation Study. M.Eng. Thesis, MIT Department of EECS. May, 2005.

Khazan, R. and Yuditskaya, S. Using Leader-Based Communication to Improve the Scalability of Single Round Group Membership Algorithms. 10th IEEE Workshop on Dependable Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Centric Systems (DPDNS). April, 2005.



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