Marc R. Brunelle

Photo of Marc Brunelle

Marc R. Brunelle is deputy manager for the Microelectronics Laboratory, where he currently oversees operations and facilities management and planning. In addition, he is responsible for laboratory space planning and equipment layout and installations in the Microelectronics Laboratory and across other laboratories within the Advanced Technology Division.

Mr. Brunelle has 34 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. He has held positions as a field engineer for a major semiconductor equipment manufacturer and has worked for several major device manufacturers, including Digital Equipment Corporation, Intel, and Texas Instruments. He has worked across a breadth of technical areas that include equipment and process engineering, industrial engineering, and facilities management. He was a key member of the design, build, and fit-up team for a major semiconductor facility in Massachusetts and is currently on the design and construction team for Lincoln Laboratory's new compound semiconductor laboratory. 

Mr. Brunelle earned his BS degree in industrial science at Fitchburg State College.













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