Simon Verghese – Biography

Dr. Simon Verghese is Assistant Head of the Advanced Technology Division. His technical interests include photon-counting imagers, millimeter-wave and THz devices, compound semiconductors, and components for optical communications.

He started collaborating with MIT Lincoln Laboratory in 1993 as an MIT postdoctoral researcher working on cryogenic devices such as semiconductor quantum dots. In 1995, he joined the High-Speed Electronics Group as a Technical Staff Member, where he helped to develop THz photomixers for spectroscopy and astrophysical instruments. He also led early projects on infrared and ultraviolet avalanche photodiodes (APDs) using compound semiconductors grown in the Electro-Optical Materials and Devices Group.

In 2000, he joined a Lincoln Laboratory spin-off company called PhotonEx. As a Principal Engineer there, he developed 40 & 80 Gb/s optoelectronic modules and helped in product planning for next-generation systems. In 2003, he returned to Lincoln Laboratory and focused on short-wavelength infrared APD arrays. He worked with teams developing Mars Lasercom, ALIRT laser radar systems, and other related DoD programs to assist in the transition of APD technology into fielded systems. He was promoted to Assistant Group Leader and then Associate Group Leader of Group 83 in 2004 and 2010, respectively. In 2011 and 2012, he worked at an MIT spin-off company called WiTricity to commercialize short-range wireless power transmission.  There he developed hardware and CAD products for charging electric vehicles and mobile electronics and worked on product strategy as Director of Marketing.

In his current role at Lincoln Laboratory, Dr. Verghese is supporting technology development for advanced systems and encouraging its transfer into industry. He holds the BS degree in physics and BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University. He also holds MS and PhD degrees in physics from the University of California, Berkeley.





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