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Imaging Technology

R.N. Das, D.W. Yost, C.K. Chen, K. Warner, S.A. Vitale, M.A. Gouker, and C.L. Keast, U.S. Patent 9,780,075, "Interconnect structures for assembly of multi-layer semiconductor devices," 03 October 2017

M.W. Kelly, M.H. Blackwell, C.B. Colonero, J.R. Wey, C.L. David, J.J. Baker, and J. Costa, U.S. Patent 9,615,038, "Methods and apparatus for true high dynamic range imaging," 04 April 2017

K.I. Schultz, B.M. Tyrrell, M.W. Kelly, C.B. Colonero, L.M. Candell, and D.L. Mooney, U.S. Patent 9,768,785, "Methods and apparatus for counting pulses representing an analog signal," 19 September 2017

M.W. Geis, S.J. Spector, D.M. Lennon, M.E. Grein, R.T. Schulein, J.U. Yoon, F.X. Kaertner, F. Gan, and T.M. Lyszczarz, U.S. Patent 7,880,204, "System and Method for Providing a High Frequency Response Silicon Photodetector," 1 February 2011.

B.E. Burke and V. Suntharalingham, U.S. Patent 7,217,601, "High-Yield Single-Level Gate Charge-Coupled Device Design and Fabrication," 15 May 2007.

E.D. Savoye, B.E. Burke, and J.L. Tonry, U.S. Patent 5,760,431, "Multi-directional charge-transfer devices," June 2, 1998.


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Scientific and DoD Imagers

B.E. Burke and E.D. Savoye, U.S. Patent 7,074,639, "High-precision blooming control structure for an image sensor," 11 July 2006.


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High-Speed Imagers

B.E. Burke, U.S. Patent 8,536,625 B2, "Electronic shutter with photogenerated charge extinguishment capability for back-illuminated image sensors," 17 September 2013.

R.K. Reich, B.B. Kosicki, J.C. Twichell, and D.D. Rathman, U.S. Patent 7,091,530, "High-speed, high-sensitivity charge-coupled fevice with independent pixel control of charge collection and storage," 15 August 2006.


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Single-Photon-Sensitive Imagers

B.F. Aull, M.J. Renzi, R.K. Reich, and D.R. Schuette, U.S. Patent 8,746,797, "CMOS readout architecture and method for photon-counting arrays," 23 April 2013

M.J. Renzi, B.F. Aull, R.K. Reich, and B.B. Kosicki, U.S. Patent 8,093,624, "High fill-factor avalanche photodiode," 10 January 2012

D.C. Shaver, B.B. Kosicki, R.K. Reich, D.D. Rathman, D.R. Schuette, and B.F. Aull, U.S. Patent 8,710,424, "Single-electron detection method and apparatus for solid-state intensity image sensors with a charge splitting device," 29 April 2014.

M.J. Renzi, B.F. Aull, R.K. Reich, and B.B. Kosicki, U.S. Patent 8,093,624, "High-fill-factor avalanche photodiode," 10 January 2012.

B.F. Aull, M.J. Renzi, R.K. Reich, and D.R. Schuette, U.S. Patent 20,110,235,771, "CMOS readout architecture and method for photon-counting arrays,"  29 September 2011.

A.G. Stern, B.F. Aull, B.B. Kosicki, R.K. Reich, B.J. Felton, D.C. Shaver, A.H. Loomis, and D.J. Young, U.S. Patent 7,858,917, "Digital photon-counting Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode solid-state monolithic intensity imaging focal-plane with scalable readout circuitry," 28 December 2010.

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Digital-Pixel Focal Plane Arrays

M.W. Kelly, D.L. Mooney, C.B. Colonero, R. Berger and L.M. Candell, U.S. Patent 9,712,771, "Digital readout method and apparatus," 18 July 2017

M. Kelly, D. Mooney, C. Colonero, and R. Berger, L. Candell, U.S. Patent 8,179,296, "Digital readout method and apparatus," 15 May 2012.


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On-Focal-Plane Embedded Processing

M.W. Kelly, B.M. Tyrell, C.B. Colonero, R. Berger, K.I. Schultz, J.B. Wey, D.L. Mooney, and L.M. Candell, U.S. Patent 9,491,389, "Focal plane array processing method and apparatus," 08 November 2016

K. I. Schultz, B. Tyrrell, M.W. Kelly, C. Colonero, L.M. Candell, and D. Mooney, U.S. Patent 8,605,853, "Methods and apparatus for in-pixel filtering in focal plane arrays," 10 December 2013.

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Camera Systems

(No camera patents at this time)


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