Michelle L. Clark

Dr. Michelle L. ClarkDr. Michelle L. Clark is a technical staff member in the Chemical, Microsystem, and Nanoscale Technologies Group, at Lincoln Laboratory. She currently leads programs on the signature science and detection of explosives. In addition, she has led the development of a variety of miniature chemical sensors and contributed to efforts developing standoff photoacoustic based remote sensors. Her broader interests span a range of chemical disciplines, ranging from analytical chemistry to the development of chip scale mid-wave and long-wave infrared-based sensors.

Prior to joining the Laboratory, Dr. Clark was a senior systems engineer at Raytheon Integrated Air Defense Center System developing and validating requirements for radar systems. She also was a principal scientist at Physical Sciences, Inc where she led the development of several optical sensors for chemical detection as well as an infrasonic sensor.

Dr. Clark has authored or coauthored numerous journal and conference publications in the fields of molecular spectroscopy and chemical sensing.

Dr. Clark received her PhD in physical chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her ScB in chemistry from Brown University. She was also a National Research Council NIST Postdoctoral Associate at JILA/NIST/CU. Her thesis and postdoctoral research centered on molecular spectroscopy and ultrasensitive spectroscopic detection methods.




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