Theodore M. Lyszczarz

Dr. Theodore M. LyszczarzDr. Theodore M. Lyszczarz is a senior staff member in the Chemical, Microsystem, and Nanoscale Technologies Group.  His interests include the design and fabrication of electronic systems, with special emphasis on secure system implementations, embedded systems, reconfigurable architectures, and CAD tools.

He began his career at Lincoln Laboratory more than 35 years ago, working with nanoscale fabrication technologies such as electron-beam lithography, advanced optical lithography, resist characterization, and metrology. He has applied these skills to the development of terahertz photomixers, field emission cathodes, diamond electronics, frequency selective surfaces, and micromachined electromechanical devices. Over the last 10 years, he has worked on the fabrication of silicon photonic devices and imaging systems. He has also conducted research on secure system architectures and has regularly lectured on this topic.

He has published 90 technical papers and is listed as co-inventor on 9 patents.

Dr. Lyszczarz holds BS, MS and PhD degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT.







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