Steven A. Vitale

Dr. Steven A. VitaleDr. Steven A. Vitale is a senior staff member of the Chemical, Microsystems, and Nanoscale Technologies Group, where he currently pursues technologies in highly scaled microelectronic devices and two dimensional materials. In addition to these activities, his broader interests include ultralow power microelectronics, plasma science and technology for environmental, nanoelectronic, and medical applications.

Prior to joining Lincoln Laboratory, Dr. Vitale worked at Texas Instruments where he developed plasma processes for microelectronics manufacturing at the 90-nm, 65-nm, and 45-nm technology nodes. During his first five years at the Laboratory, he worked in the Advanced Silicon Technology Group developing processes and integration for fully depleted silicon-on-insulator transistors, electron-beam lenslet arrays, and novel solid-state radiation detectors.

Dr. Vitale has published 53 papers, 43 as first author, and is inventor or co-inventor listed on five issued patents. He has served on the organizational committees for several international conferences and chaired the IEEE Subthreshold Microelectronics Conference in 2011 and 2012.

Dr. Vitale received his PhD degree in chemical engineering from MIT and his BS degree in chemical engineering from Johns Hopkins University.








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