How to work with us

System developers often leverage commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components to bring new capabilities rapidly and cost-effectively to our forces. While beneficial in the short term, these systems can soon be imitated by others.

The Advanced Technology Division provides early access to unique component technologies that are not available in conventional supply chains. By partnering with us as part of your Government team, you can develop devices and subsystems that enable cost- and size-, weight-, and power-disruptive systems. Where there is market demand, the Advanced Technology Division transfers the enabling technology to domestic industry.

If you are a Government program manager (PM), you have options. As a federally funded research and development center, we can support you and your performers before or after a Broad-Area Announcement (BAA)—we leave direct responses to Department of Defense BAAs to industry and academia. Some PMs that fund our early-stage work use an agile process with frequent redirects as risk reduction and prototyping progress. Many of our prototypes are used in one-of-a-kind systems such as observatories, airborne sensors, and satellites. For additional systems, the PM may bring a system prime on board as well as a technology-transfer partner for volume manufacturing of components. The system prime benefits from early component access through government-furnished equipment/information (GFE/GFI). The technology transfer enables a commercial supply chain for producing operational systems.

If you are an industry partner, consider introducing us to your Government customer. If you do not yet have a customer, consider working with us through a cooperative research and development agreement (CRDA), small-business technology transfer program (STTR), or small-business innovation research (SBIR) program.

For more information about our technologies and events, please call (781)-981-7800 or email us.

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