John D. Hybl

Dr. John D. HyblDr. John D. Hybl is the Group Leader in the Laser Technology and Applications Group. Since joining Lincoln Laboratory, Dr. Hybl has developed laser-based sensors for detecting biological agents and researched several technologies to enable high-power laser systems for military applications.

Currently, Dr. Hybl leads a team that is developing fiber beam-combining technology for the next generation of high-energy lasers. In earlier work, he investigated laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy to augment existing fluorescence-based biological agent detectors with enhanced discrimination of biological agents from background aerosol particles. He also developed a multi-kW, cryogenically cooled solid-state laser for illuminator applications.

Dr. Hybl has authored or coauthored a variety of papers in the fields of solid-state laser technology, laser-based sensing, and chemical physics. He is currently a member of the Optical Society of America.

Dr. Hybl received a BS degree in chemistry from Michigan State University and a PhD degree in physical chemistry from the University of Colorado at Boulder. As a graduate student, he conducted research in ultrafast dynamics of liquids.





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